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Updated: Jan 2 2021

One of my favourite sayings is — "The faintest ink is better than the best memory."

I am born, based and bred in London, UK. If there's one thing I am passionate about, it is the next generation of entrepreneurs and the internet economy. Introduced to Bitcoin in 2012 by accident, I am someone who's always been at the forefront of technology but had a keen eye for disruption. Since 2014, I have been investing in fintech startups and early crypto projects; this is where I built my passion for ventures. In 2017, together with Cedric Waldburger, I started a community-first company called Nextblock, in which we had over 500 investors connected from all around the world. Leveraging my knowledge, and relationships, I began supporting several early-stage startups and building an international network.

Life hasn't always been simple for me. After making a tough decision to skip university and bypass academia. I spent months grafting, knocking on doors and begging until I got an opportunity to work in the City. My professional background starts in the City of London, working in sales in the investment industry for proprietary trading firms and brokerages. The City's fast pace and cutthroat environment were the perfect testing ground for learning how the game is played. I pride myself on having expertise in a little but understanding it from a game theory perspective and trying to extract the most important information. 

When I'm not investing in companies, I play high-stakes poker, sports, tech, travelling, gaming (CK right now), music and history. 

I have written articles, newsletters, websites, blogs, ghostwriting and emails for years. In 2017, I started a community-first company called Nextblock, where I would write daily about the new crypto industry and new technologies. Unfortunately, my work, thoughts and findings have never had a good home until now.

In 2021 I joined Tomahawk VC, and as I continue to grow in the venture capital business, building and investing in new companies, I want to document my journey and thoughts. I've failed just as much as I have succeeded. That's what motivates me, the opportunity to learn and grow. After looking at what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, it's clear that I am obsessed with building businesses, and my objective is to support those world-changing ventures and ideas and work with incredible people.

I will be writing about topics such as:

  • Startups
  • Investing
  • Business
  • Career
  • Technology
  • web3/crypto
  • Life

From my perspective, in my own words and in my way.

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The next generation of entrepreneurs and the digital economy will eclipse anything before it. I have the privilege to be investing in startups and new technologies every day; 

Investor @TomahawkVC or email me at connor@tomahawk.vc

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